Inquire for fine-art prints

Thanks a lot for your interest. Buying a fine-art print is the best way to support my work. I am grateful to the collectors that allowed me to progress on my long terms projects. Please use the form to inquire the availability of the print(s) of your interest. If you live in Rio de Janeiro or are visiting the city, don't hesitate to contact me & come to see my printed works and my workspace.

Sizes & Edition

Inquire in wich size the image(s) you wish is available. Most of my works are not available in all the 4 sizes & editions.  

  • 18 x 27 cm - edition of 12

  • 40 x 60 cm - edition of 8

  • 66 x 100 cm - edition of 6

  • 100 x 150 cm - edition of 4

Pricing & Availability

Smallest prints (18x27 cm) start around 350 USD$ when the edition is at its beginning,. 
Ask me for larger prints pricing details.
All prints are made on archival inkjet paper, mainly Photo Rag Baryta by Hahnemühle. 


Each print is signed & numbered on verso.
Prints are shipped with individual certificate of authenticity
and a signed label / sticker that you can use on the back of the
frame (if you decide to frame the print)

Shipping method

Prints are usually sent via EMS, FEDEX, UPS, depending of the country where you are based. 
They are extremely well protected / conditionned so they arrive in a perfect state. In case of any accident or damaged print during the shipment process, it would be replaced at no coast. 


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