Rio Baile Funk - Favela Rap 2005-2018

Despised by the Elite, the carioca Funk - born in the favelas and suburbs - conquested all Brazil; Thousands of youngsters risk their life each week to participate in Baile Funk; more than a rhythm and music, the Baile Funk allows for a generation of cariocas to perform a lifestyle, and express their identity statement and shake the traditional relationship between dominant/dominated through the music and lyrics. Bailes are also a unique place for social mix, where the classes are abolished, even if it’s only for one night!

My photographs concentrate specifically on the funk carioca parties (Bailes) that have taken place in the suburban clubs & favelas in and around Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.
The portfolios portray the key components of Baile Funk culture: the mix of tension & attraction that the danced choreography allows, the invention of the Funkeiro body & fashion, the DJs & MCs, the sound systems and the parties themselves.

Life in the favelas is oftentimes publicized for its violence and crime; theses photographs gives a rarely documented insight into this massive underground culture that has suffered decades of prohibition & discrimination.
Bailes are maybe the largest informal social project of Rio, as thousands of families used to make a living from the money generated by the hundreds of weekly Bailes - but now most of them are forbidden in the so-called "pacified" favelas.

Beyond music & parties, Baile Funk is an identity statement of the Afro-Brazilians & a fight for cultural rights

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