Wesh - La Brèche. Niort 2015

An assignment on the French youth in a middle town of the west of France. 

"Wesh" is a Kabyle / Maghreb word standing for 'what's up', 'hey' that the French youth use all the time. 
La Brèche is the main square of the city of Niort, meeting point, buses departure, but also the stage of the teenagers everyday's life, loves, friendship, chats & boredom. 

With Alice, Alain, Alvin, Anaïs, Ambre, Antoine, Barbara, Bastien, Charline, Cloe, Creezy, Désiré, Eva, Fafa, Flavie, Goduine, Hayette, Henri, Jessica, Karl, Kenza, Kevin, Laureen, Margot, Mégane, Léa, Lionel, Loïc, Luca, Lionel, Mallé, Mamadou, Marcia, Margot, Marion, Michel, Naomie, Yacine, Yoann, Sorenza.. 

Result of an artist residence at the CACP - Villa Pérochon (Centre d'Art et de Création Photographique) in Niort, France. With the support of the City of Niort, the Region Poitou-Charente and the Ministry of Culture.